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NetApp Astra Control Python SDK

Contributors dmp-netapp

NetApp Astra Control Python SDK is an open source package you can use to automate an Astra Control deployment. The package is also a valuable resource for learning about the Astra Control REST API, perhaps as part of creating your own automation platform.

Note For simplicity, the NetApp Astra Control Python SDK will be referred to as the SDK throughout the remainder this page.

The SDK includes two different though related tools which operate at different levels of abstraction when accessing the Astra Control REST API.

Astra SDK

The Astra SDK provides the core platform functionality. It includes a set of Python classes which abstract the underlying REST API calls. The classes support administrative actions on various Astra Control resources, including apps, backups, snapshots, and clusters.

The Astra SDK is one part of the package and is provided in the single file. You can import this file into your environment and use the classes directly.

Note The NetApp Astra Control Python SDK (or just SDK) is the name of the entire package. The Astra SDK refers to the core Python classes in the single file
Toolkit script

In addition to the Astra SDK file, the script is also available. This script operates at a higher level of abstraction by providing access to discrete administrative actions defined internally as Python functions. The script imports the Astra SDK and makes calls to the classes as needed.

How to access

You can access the SDK in the following ways.

Python package

The SDK is available at Python Package Index under the name actoolkit. The package is assigned a version number and will continue to be updated as needed. You must use the PiP package management utility to install the package into your environment.

Once installed, the classes can be utilized by placing import astraSDK in your scripts. Additionally, actoolkit can be invoked directly on your command prompt, and is equivalent to (actoolkit list clusters is the same as ./ list clusters).

See PyPI: NetApp Astra Control Python SDK for more information.

GitHub source code

The SDK source code is also available at GitHub. The repository includes the following:

  • (Astra SDK with Python classes)

  • (higher level function-based script)

  • Detailed installation requirements and instructions

  • Installation scripts

  • Additional documentation

You can clone the GitHub: Netapp/netapp-astra-toolkits repository to your local environment.

Installation and basic requirements

There are several options and requirements to consider as part of installing the package and preparing to use it.

Summary of the installation options

You can install the SDK in one of the following ways:

  • Use the prepared Docker: NetApp/astra-toolkits image, which has all necessary dependencies installed, including actoolkit

  • Use Pip to install the actoolkit package from PyPI into your Python environment

  • Clone the GitHub repository and copy/modify the two core Python files so they are accessible to your Python client code

Refer to the PyPI and GitHub pages for more information.

Requirements for the Astra Control environment

Whether directly using the Python classes in the Astra SDK or the functions in the script, ultimately you'll be accessing the REST API at an Astra Control deployment. Because of this you'll need an Astra account along with an API token. See Before you begin and the other pages in the Get started section of this documentation for more information.

Requirements for the NetApp Astra Control Python SDK

The SDK has several prerequisites related to the local Python environment. For example, you must use Python 3.8 or later. In addition, there are several Python packages that are required. See the GitHub repository page or PyPI package page for more information.

Summary of helpful resources