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URL format

Contributors dmp-netapp

The general structure of the URL used to access a resource instance or collection through the REST API is composed of several values. This structure reflects the underlying object model and system design.

Account as the root

The root of the resource path to every REST endpoint is the Astra account. And so all paths in the URL begin with /account/{account_id} where account_id is the unique UUIDv4 value for the account. Internally structure this reflects a design where all resource access is based on a specific account.

Endpoint resource category

The Astra resource endpoints fall into three different categories:

  • Core (/core)

  • Managed application (/k8s)

  • Topology (/topology)

See Resources for more information.

Category version

Each of the three resource categories has a global version that controls the version of the resources accessed. By convention and definition, moving to a new major version of a resource category (such as, from /v1 to /v2) will introduce breaking changes in the API.

Resource instance or collection

A combination of resource types and identifiers can be used in the path, based on whether a resource instance or collection is accessed.

  • Resource path

    Based on the structure presented above, a typical path to an endpoint is: /accounts/{account_id}/core/v1/users.

  • Complete URL

    The full URL for the corresponding endpoint is:{account_id}/core/v1/users.