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Before you begin

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You can use these workflows as part of administering the applications in an Astra managed cluster.

Note These workflows can be expanded and enhanced by NetApp at any time and so you should review them periodically.

General preparation

Before using any of the Astra workflows, make sure to review Prepare to use the workflows.

Workflow categories

The management workflows are organized in different categories to make it easier to locate the one you want.

Category Description

Application control

These workflows allow you to control the managed and unmanaged applications. You can list the apps as well as create and remove a managed app.

Application protection

You can use these workflows to protect your managed applications through snapshots and backups.

Cloning and restoring apps

These workflow describe how to clone and restore your managed applications.


There are several workflows available to debug and support your applications as well as the general Kubernetes environment.

Additional considerations

There are a several additional considerations when using the management workflows.

Cloning an app

There are a few things to consider when cloning an application. The parameters described below are part of the JSON input.

Source cluster identifier

The value of sourceClusterID always identifies the cluster where the original app is installed.

Cluster identifier

The value of clusterID identifies the cluster where the new app will be installed.

  • When cloning within the same cluster, clusterID and sourceClusterID have the same value.

  • When cloning across clusters, the two values are different and clusterID should be the ID of the target cluster.


The namespace value must be different than the original source app. Further, the namespace for the clone cannot exist and Astra will create it.

Backups and snapshots

You can optionally clone an application from an existing backup or snapshot using the backupID or snapshotID parameters. If you don't provide a backup or snapshot, Astra will create a backup of the application first and then clone from the backup.

Restoring an app

Here are a few things to consider when restoring an application.

  • Restoring an application is very similar to the clone operation.

  • When restoring an app, you must provide either a backup or snapshot.