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Astra Control Center
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Protection overview


You can create backups, clones, snapshots, and protection policies for your apps using Astra Control Center. Backing up your apps helps your services and associated data be as available as possible; during a disaster scenario, restoring from backup can ensure full recovery of an app and its associated data with minimal disruption. Backups, clones, and snapshots can help protect against common threats such as ransomware, accidental data loss, and environmental disasters. Learn about the available types of data protection in Astra Control Center, and when to use them.

App protection workflow

You can use the following example workflow to get started protecting your apps.

One Back up all apps

To make sure that your apps are immediately protected, create a manual backup of all apps.

Two Configure a protection policy for each app

To automate future backups and snapshots, configure a protection policy for each app. As an example, you can start with weekly backups and daily snapshots, with one month retention for both. Automating backups and snapshots with a protection policy is strongly recommended over manual backups and snapshots.

Three Optional: Adjust the protection policies

As apps and their usage patterns change, adjust the protection policies as needed to provide the best protection.

Four In case of a disaster, restore your apps

If data loss occurs, you can recover by restoring the latest backup first for each app. You can then restore the latest snapshot (if available).