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NetApp provides support for Astra Control in a variety of ways. Extensive free self-support options are available 24x7, such as knowledgebase (KB) articles and a Slack channel. Your Astra Control account includes remote technical support via web ticketing.

You must first activate support for your NetApp serial number in order to use these non self-service support options. A NetApp Support Site (NSS) SSO account is required for chat and web ticketing along with case management.

You can access support options from the Astra Control UI by selecting the Support tab from the main menu.

A screenshot of the Support page in Astra Control where you can view resources to get help and to contact NetApp.

Self support

These options are available for free 24x7:

  • Knowledge base

    Search for articles, FAQ’s, or Break Fix information related to Astra Control.

  • Documentation

    This is the doc site that you’re currently viewing.

  • Slack

    Go to the containers channel in thePub workspace to connect with peers and experts.

  • Feedback email

    Send an email to to let us know your thoughts, ideas, or concerns.

Subscription support

In addition to the self-support options above, you can work with a NetApp Support Engineer to resolve any issues after you activate support for your NetApp serial number.

Once your Astra Control serial number is activated, you can access NetApp technical support resources by creating a Support ticket.

Select Cloud Data Services > Astra.

Use your "941" serial number to open the web ticket. Learn more about your serial number.

A screenshot of a web ticket on the NetApp Support Site, which requires you to select a system, enter your problem details, and provide your contact information.