What’s new with Astra

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NetApp periodically updates Astra to bring you new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

25 Jan 2021

We’re pleased to announce that Astra is now Generally Available. We incorporated a lot of the feedback that we received from the Beta release and made a few other notable enhancements.

  • Billing is now available, which enables you to move from the Free Plan to the Premium Plan. Learn more about billing.

  • Astra now creates Persistent Volumes with a minimum size of 100 GiB.

  • Astra can now discover apps faster.

  • You can now create and delete accounts on your own.

  • We’ve improved notifications when Astra can no longer access Kubernetes compute.

    These notifications are important because Astra can’t manage apps for disconnected compute.

17 Dec 2020 (Beta update)

We primarily focused on bug fixes to improve your experience, but we made a few other notable enhancements:

  • When you add your first Kubernetes compute to Astra, the object store is now created in the geography where the cluster resides.

  • Details about persistent volumes is now available when you view storage details at the compute level.

    A screenshot of the persistent volumes that were provisioned to a Kubernetes cluster.

  • We added an option to restore an application from an existing snapshot or backup.

    A screenshot of the Data protection tab for an app where you can click the action drop-down to select Restore application.

  • If you delete a Kubernetes cluster that Astra is managing, the cluster now shows up in a Removed state. You can then remove the cluster from Astra.

  • Account owners can now modify the assigned roles for other users.

  • We added a section for billing, which will be enabled when Astra is released for General Availability (GA).