Learn about BlueXP cloud ops

By leveraging Spot’s Cloud Analyzer service, BlueXP can provide a high-level cost analysis of your cloud compute spending and identify potential savings.

Cloud Analyzer is a cloud infrastructure management solution that uses advanced analytics to provide visibility and insights into your cloud costs. It shows you where you can optimize those costs and lets you implement that optimization using Spot’s portfolio of continuous optimization products in just a few clicks.


  • A cost analysis that shows current cost for the month, projected monthly costs, and missed savings

  • A view of spend efficiency by account, including the estimated additional savings

  • A link to Spot’s Cloud Analyzer for more in-depth details about the spending for all accounts

Supported cloud providers

This service is supported with AWS.


There’s no cost to use this service through BlueXP.

How Cloud Analyzer works with BlueXP

At a high-level, Cloud Analyzer integration with BlueXP works like this:

  1. You click Extensions > Cloud ops and connect your AWS management account.

  2. NetApp configures your environment as follows:

    1. Creates an organization in the Spot platform.

    2. Sends an email welcoming you to Spot.

      You can log in to the Spot service using the same single-sign on credentials that you use with BlueXP.

    3. Cloud Analyzer starts processing your AWS account data.

  3. In BlueXP, the cloud ops page refreshes and you use the information to gain insights on past, current, and future cloud costs.

  4. You click Get Full Analysis at any time to go to Spot’s Cloud Analyzer, which provides a full analysis of your cloud spend and savings opportunities.

Data security

Cloud Analyzer data is encrypted at rest and no credentials are stored for any account.