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BlueXP cloud ops

Analyze your compute costs

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After you connect your account, you can view a cost analysis directly from BlueXP and then click a link to get a full analysis from Cloud Analyzer.

View a cost analysis

View an analysis of your cloud compute costs to get insights into past, current, and future cloud costs.

  1. Click Extensions > Cloud ops.

  2. View the cost analysis to gain insights into your compute costs.

A screenshot that shows the Cost Analysis page in BlueXP. This page includes the information described in the text below.

Month to date cost

The total cost of your workloads from the beginning of the current month to present.

Projected Costs

The forecasted cost at the end of the month based on analysis of your usage pattern.

Last Week Missed Savings

Savings that could have been achieved in the previous seven days using optimization of spot instances and reservations.

Top AWS Account Spend Efficiency

The top 10 accounts according to the greatest amount of estimated additional savings.

Each account is assigned an efficiency score based on current and additional potential savings. The estimated additional savings indicates how much can be further saved by leveraging the use of spot and reserved instances.

You can take the following actions to further optimize your accounts:

  • View details: View your cost optimization opportunities by going to Spot’s Cloud Analyzer.

  • Connect: Connect an account that is not yet managed. You will be directed to the wizard that connects the account.

Top AWS Accounts

This is a bar graph showing your top ten accounts by cost. The graph is based on the last 30 days of spend activity.

Get a full analysis

Go to Cloud Analyzer for more analysis and recommendations.

Click Get Full Analysis at any time to access more charts and analysis, in-depth recommendations, a use case optimization breakdown (containers, ElasticApps, and reservations), and more.

Here’s an example of what you’ll see in Cloud Analyzer:

A screenshot that shows the Cost Analysis page in Spot’s Cloud Analyzer.