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Cloud Volumes ONTAP
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Learn about Cloud Volumes ONTAP

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Cloud Volumes ONTAP enables you to optimize your cloud storage costs and performance while enhancing data protection, security, and compliance.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a software-only storage appliance that runs ONTAP data management software in the cloud. It provides enterprise-grade storage with the following key features:

  • Storage efficiencies

    Leverage built-in data deduplication, data compression, thin provisioning, and cloning to minimize storage costs.

  • High availability

    Ensure enterprise reliability and continuous operations in case of failures in your cloud environment.

  • Data protection

    Cloud Volumes ONTAP leverages SnapMirror, NetApp's industry-leading replication technology, to replicate on-premises data to the cloud so it's easy to have secondary copies available for multiple use cases.

    Cloud Volumes ONTAP also integrates with BlueXP backup and recovery to deliver backup and restore capabilities for protection, and long-term archive of your cloud data.

  • Data tiering

    Switch between high and low-performance storage pools on-demand without taking applications offline.

  • Application consistency

    Ensure consistency of NetApp Snapshot copies using NetApp SnapCenter.

  • Data security

    Cloud Volumes ONTAP supports data encryption and provides protection against viruses and ransomware.

  • Privacy compliance controls

    Integration with BlueXP classification helps you understand data context and identify sensitive data.

Note Licenses for ONTAP features are included with Cloud Volumes ONTAP.