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Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud

Manage existing volumes

Contributors netapp-bcammett

You can manage existing volumes as your storage needs change. You can view, edit, restore, and delete volumes.

  1. Open the working environment.

  2. Hover over the volume.

    A screenshot of the volume hover menu that allows you to perform volume tasks

  3. Manage your volumes:

    Task Action

    View information about a volume

    Click Info.

    Edit a volume (including snapshot policy)

    1. Click Edit.

    2. Modify the volume's properties and then click Update.

    Get the NFS or SMB mount command

    1. Click Mount the volume.

    2. Click Copy to copy the command(s).

    Create a Snapshot copy on demand

    1. Click Create a Snapshot copy.

    2. Change the name, if needed, and then click Create.

    Replace the volume with the contents of a Snapshot copy

    1. Click Revert volume to snapshot.

    2. Select a Snapshot copy and click Restore.

    Delete a Snapshot copy

    1. Click Delete a Snapshot copy.

    2. Select the snapshot and click Delete.

    3. Click Delete again when prompted to confirm.

    Delete a volume

    1. Unmount the volume from all clients:

      • On Linux clients, use the umount command.

      • On Windows clients, click Disconnect network drive.

    2. Select a volume, and then click Delete.

    3. Click Delete again to confirm.