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BlueXP digital wallet

Manage PAYGO subscriptions and contracts

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When you subscribe to BlueXP from a cloud provider's marketplace, you're redirected to the BlueXP website where you need to save your subscription and associate it with specific accounts. After you've subscribed, each subscription is available to manage from the BlueXP digital wallet.

View your subscriptions

The BlueXP digital wallet provides details about each PAYGO subscription and annual contract associated with your BlueXP account and with Astra Control (Astra Control uses BlueXP's charging service).

For Google Cloud, you can also identify marketplace subscriptions that are associated with a private offer, which enables you to verify that you've successfully accepted the offer.

  1. From the BlueXP navigation menu, select Governance > Digital wallet.

  2. Select Subscriptions.

    You'll only see the subscriptions that are associated with the account that you're currently viewing.

  3. As you view the information about your subscriptions, you can interact with the details in the table as follows:

    • Expand a row to view more details.

      A screenshot of the Subscriptions tab in the digital wallet where you can select the arrow at the end of a row to expand it.

    • Select the plus icon at the end of the table header to choose which columns appear in the table.

      Note that the Term and Auto Renew columns don't appear by default. The Auto Renew column displays renewal information for Azure contracts only.

    Note the following about what you see in the table:

    Start date

    The start date is when you successfully associated the subscription with your account and charging started.


    If you see N/A in the table, the information isn't available from the cloud provider's API at this time.


    If your Google Cloud subscription is associated with a private offer and that private offer was modified after it was created and accepted, then the term shows N/A. In this scenario, the API response that we receive from the Google Cloud Marketplace doesn't include term-related information.

    • If you expand the details for a contract, the BlueXP digital wallet shows what's available for your current plan: the contract options and units (capacity or number of nodes).

    • The BlueXP digital wallet identifies the end date and whether the contract will renew soon, end soon, or whether it has already ended.

    • If you have an AWS contract and you changed any of the contract's options after the start date, be sure to validate your contract options from the AWS Marketplace.

    • If you have a Google Cloud private offer, contract options aren't available.

Manage your subscriptions

You can manage your subscriptions from the BlueXP digital wallet by renaming a subscription and choosing the accounts that are associated with the subscription.

For example, let's say that you have two accounts and each is billed through separate subscriptions. You might disassociate a subscription from one of the accounts so the users in that account don't accidentally choose the wrong subscription when creating a Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment.

  1. From the BlueXP navigation menu, select Governance > Digital wallet.

  2. Select Subscriptions.

  3. Select the action menu in the row that corresponds to the subscription that you want to manage.

    A screenshot of the action menu for a subscription.

  4. Choose to rename the subscription or to manage the BlueXP accounts that are associated with the subscription.