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Setup and administration

Manage credentials associated with your BlueXP login

Contributors netapp-bcammett

Depending on the actions that you've taken in BlueXP, you might have associated ONTAP credentials and NetApp Support Site (NSS) credentials with your BlueXP user login. You can view and manage those credentials in BlueXP after you've associated them. For example, if you change the password for these credentials, then you'll need to update the password in BlueXP.

ONTAP credentials

When you directly discover an on-premises ONTAP cluster without using a Connector, you're prompted to enter ONTAP credentials for the cluster. These credentials are managed at the user level, which means they aren't viewable by other users who log in.

NSS credentials

The NSS credentials associated with your BlueXP login enable support registration, case management, and access to Digital Advisor.

  • When you access Support > Resources and register for support, you're prompted to associate NSS credentials with your BlueXP login.

    This action registers the BlueXP account for support and activates support entitlement. Only one user in your BlueXP account must associate a NetApp Support Site account with their BlueXP login to register for support and activate support entitlement. After this is completed, the Resources page shows that your account is registered for support.

  • When you access Support > Case Management, you're prompted to enter your NSS credentials, if you haven't already done so. This page enables you to create and manage the support cases associated with your NSS account and with your company.

  • When you access Digital Advisor in BlueXP, you're prompted to log in to Digital Advisor by entering your NSS credentials.

Note the following about the NSS account associated with your BlueXP login:

  • The account is managed at the user level, which means it isn't viewable by other users who log in.

  • There can be only one NSS account associated with Digital Advisor and support case management, per user.

  • If you're trying to associate a NetApp Support Site account with a Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment, you can only choose from the NSS accounts that were added to the BlueXP account that you are a member of.

    NSS account-level credentials are different than the NSS account that's associated with your BlueXP login. NSS account-level credentials enable you to deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP when you bring your own license (BYOL), register PAYGO systems, and upgrade Cloud Volumes ONTAP software.

Manage your user credentials

Manage your user credentials by updating the user name and password or by deleting the credentials.

  1. In the upper right of the BlueXP console, select the Settings icon, and select Credentials.

  2. Select User Credentials.

  3. If you don't have any user credentials yet, you can select Add NSS credentials to add your NetApp Support Site account.

  4. Manage existing credentials by choosing the following options:

    • Update credentials: Update the user name and password for the account.

    • Delete credentials: Remove the account associated with your BlueXP user account.

    A screenshot that shows NSS credentials and ONTAP credentials and the ability to select Update credentials and Delete credentials from the action menu


BlueXP updates your credentials. The changes will be reflected when you access the ONTAP cluster, Digital Advisor, or the Case Management page.