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BlueXP volume caching

BlueXP volume caching prerequisites

Contributors amgrissino netapp-manini

Get started by verifying the readiness of your operational environment, login, network access, and web browser.

To use BlueXP volume caching, you should ensure that your environment meets all requirements.

  • ONTAP 9.8 and later

    • Cluster Admin ONTAP permissions

    • Intercluster LIFs on the clusters

  • In BlueXP:

    • The BlueXP Connector needs to be set up in NetApp BlueXP. All source and target clusters must be on the same BlueXP Connector. Refer to the BlueXP Quick start and Learn about Connectors.

    • The working environment should be set up.

    • The clusters should be added in the target working environment and in an ON or degraded state.

    • Standard BlueXP requirements. Refer to BlueXP requirements.