Additional information

Use the following links to learn more about BlueXP edge caching and other NetApp products:

  • BlueXP edge caching FAQ

    • See a list of frequently asked questions and answers here

  • Global File Cache User Guide

  • NetApp Product Documentation

    • See additional documentation for NetApp cloud products here

    • See additional documentation for all NetApp products here

  • Customer support for BlueXP edge caching users with Cloud Volumes ONTAP is available through these channels:

    • Guided Problem Solving, Case Management, Knowledgebase, Downloads, Tools, and more go here

    • Login to the NetApp Support at with your NSS credentials

    • For immediate assistance for a P1 issue call: +1 856.481.3990 (Option 2)

  • Customer support for BlueXP edge caching users utilizing Cloud Volumes Services and Azure NetApp Files is available through standard support from your provider. Please contact Google Customer Support or Microsoft Customer Support respectively.