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Known issues

Contributors netapp-bcammett

Known issues identify problems that might prevent you from using this release of the product successfully.

You can find known issues for ONTAP software in the ONTAP Release Notes.

Node halt can fail on HA pairs with multiple SVMs

If you plan to halt or reboot a Cloud Volumes ONTAP node in an HA pair that has multiple storage VMs (SVMs), we recommend that you pre-migrate all logical interfaces (LIFs) to the partner node before shutting down the node.

The following example migrates all data LIFs from the current (local) node:

node1::> network interface migrate-all -node local

This action expediates the network transition to the partner node and avoids occasional known problems with stopping the node.

If the node can't be stopped because it takes too much time to migrate the LIFs, a retry of the reboot or halt command should make it stop.