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Cloud Insights

Cloud Insights Reporting Overview

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Cloud Insights reporting is a business intelligence tool that enables you to view pre-defined reports or create custom reports.

Note The Reporting feature is available in Cloud Insights Premium Edition.

With Cloud Insights reporting you can perform the following tasks:

  • Run a pre-defined report

  • Create a custom report

  • Customize a report's format and delivery method

  • Schedule reports to run automatically

  • Email reports

  • Use colors to represent thresholds on data

Cloud Insights Reporting can generate custom reports for areas like chargeback, consumption analysis, and forecasting, and can help answer questions such as the following:

  • What inventory do I have?

  • Where is my inventory?

  • Who is using our assets?

  • What is the chargeback for allocated storage for a business unit?

  • How long until I need to acquire additional storage capacity?

  • Are business units aligned along the proper storage tiers?

  • How is storage allocation changing over a month, quarter, or year?

Accessing Cloud Insights Reporting

You can access Cloud Insights Reporting by clicking the Reports link in the menu.

You will be taken to the Reporting interface. Cloud Insights uses IBM Cognos Analytics for its reporting engine.

What is ETL?

When working with Reporting, you will hear the terms "Data Warehouse" and "ETL". ETL stands for "Extract, Transform, and Load". The ETL process retrieves data collected in Cloud Insights, and transforms the data into a format for use in Reporting. "Data Warehouse" refers to the collected data available for Reporting.

The ETL process includes these individual processes:

  • Extract: Takes data from Cloud Insights.

  • Transform: Applies business logic rules or functions to the data as it is extracted from Cloud Insights.

  • Load: Saves the transformed data into the data warehouse for use in Reporting.