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Cloud Insights

Subscribing to Cloud Insights

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Getting started with Cloud Insights is as easy as three simple steps:

  • Sign up for an account on NetApp BlueXP to get access to all of NetApp's Cloud offerings.

  • Register for a free trial of Cloud Insights to explore the features available.

  • Subscribe to Cloud Insights for on-going, uninterrupted access to your data via NetApp Sales direct or AWS Marketplace.

During the registration process, you can choose the global region to host your Cloud Insights environment.
For more information, read about Cloud Insights Information and Region.

Note Unless otherwise noted, the information on this page generally applies to Cloud Insights Commercial Editions. The Federal Edition of Cloud Insights may not contain some of the functionality described on this page.

For a full comparison of the features available in Cloud Insights Basic and Premium Editions, see the Cloud Insights Pricing page.

Warning Inactive Cloud Insights Basic Edition environments are deleted and their resources are reclaimed. An environment is considered inactive if there is no user activity for 30 consecutive days, of if there is no data ingested for 7 consecutive days. Cloud Insights will send a notification and provide a grace period of four days before an environment is deleted.

While using Cloud Insights, if you see a padlock icon Padlock, it means the feature is not available in your current Edition, or is available in a limited form. Upgrade for full access to the feature.

Trial Edition

When you sign up for Cloud Insights and your environment is active, you enter into a free, 30-day trial of Cloud Insights. During this trial you can explore the features that Cloud Insights has to offer, in your own environment.

At any time during your trial period, you can subscribe to Cloud Insights. Subscribing to Cloud Insights ensures uninterrupted access to your data as well as extended product support options.

Cloud Insights displays a banner when your free trial is nearing its end. Within that banner is a View Subscription link, which opens the Admin → Subscription page. Non-Admin users will see the banner but will not be able to go to the Subscription page.

Note If you need additional time to evaluate Cloud Insights and your trial is set to expire in 4 days or less, you can extend your trial for an additional 30 days. You can extend the trial only once. You cannot extend if your trial has expired.

Trial through AWS Marketplace

You may also sign up for a free trial through the AWS Marketplace. The AWS Marketplace free trial gives you access to Cloud Insights for a trial period of 33 days, and allows up to 499 Managed Units (MUs).

Note: If you configure more than 499 MUs, you will enter "breached" state. While your trial is in breached state, you will lose access to some Cloud Insights functionality until the breach is resolved, either by reducing the number of MUs configured, or by subscribing to Cloud Insights.

The AWS Marketplace free trial cannot be extended. At any time during your trial, you can downgrade to a Cloud Insights Basic Edition subscription or change to a paid Cloud Insights subscription by visiting the Admin → Subscription page.

What if My Trial has Expired?

If your free trial has expired and you have not yet subscribed to Cloud Insights, you will have limited functionality until you subscribe.

Module Evaluation

You may also take advantage of Module Evaluations. For example, if you are already subscribed to Infrastructure Observability but are adding Kubernetes to your environment, you will automatically enter into a 30-day evaluation of Kubernetes Observability, starting from when you install the NetApp Kubernetes Monitoring Operator. You will only be charged for your Kubernetes Observability managed unit usage at the end of the evaluation period.

Note Keep in mind that you will be charged for new managed unit (MU) usage following the evaluation, so be sure to plan accordingly. When your module evaluation is ending, you will be notified if you will need to add more MUs to avoid service interruption.

You can monitor your managed unit usage on the Admin > Subscription page in the Usage tab.

MU Usage Screen

Note A Module Evaluation is not a Trial - we use the term trial when we provide customers a free trial period of using the CI service to confirm fit and enable purchase. A module evaluation is different - this is when we allow a paid customer to try out a module of Cloud Insights that they have not used in recent months of their paid subscription. When evaluation is active, charges for just the newly configured module are waived. The customers working environment is still under subscription and has not reverted to free trial. The subscription has not changed.


During a module evaluation, you are not changed MU usage for resources consumed for the module, but you can open the Estimator (on the Summary tab) to see how MUs will be charged following the evaluation, as well as play with "What if" scenarios with the number of MUs you may need in the future. Reset the numbers by exiting the Estimator.


Select the checkbox next to a module to add or remove the entire module's MU's from the estimated cost.

The Estimator also allow you to see how the numbers stack up for either an Add On - where you keep your current subscription term and increase the number of managed units licensed - or a Renew option for a the renewal subscription you would purchase when your current subscription term ends.

Note that customers are only eligible for a module evaluation once per subscription.

Subscription Options

To subscribe, go to Admin → Subscription. In addition to the Subscribe buttons, you will be able to see your installed data collectors and calculate your estimated pricing. For a typical environment, you can click the self-serve AWS Marketplace button. If your environment includes or is expected to include 1,000 or more Managed Units, you are eligible for Volume Pricing.


Cloud Insights is priced per Managed Unit. Usage of your Managed Units is calculated based on the number of hosts or virtual machines and amount of unformatted capacity being managed in your infrastructure environment.

  • 1 Managed Unit = 2 hosts (any virtual or physical machine)

  • 1 Managed Unit = 4 TiB of unformatted capacity of physical or virtual disks

  • 1 Managed Unit = 40 TiB of unformatted capacity of select secondary storage: AWS S3, Cohesity SmartFiles, Dell EMC Data Domain, Dell EMC ECS, Hitachi Content Platform, IBM Cleversafe, NetApp StorageGRID, Rubrik.

  • 1 Managed Unit = 4 vCPUs of Kuberentes

If your environment includes or is expected to include 1,000 or more Managed Units, you are eligible for Volume Pricing and will be prompted to Contact NetApp Sales to subscribe. See below for more details.

Estimate Your Subscription Cost

The Subscription Calculators help you estimate your Cloud Insights subscription cost based on the number of Managed Units needed. The current values are pre-populated, and you can adjust those values to assist you with planning for estimated future growth. You can adjust values for Infrastructure, Kubernetes, or both.

Your estimated list price cost will change based on your subscription term.
NOTE: The calculators are for estimation only. Your exact pricing will be set when you subscribe.

Subscription Page showing Infrastructure and Kubernetes cost estimation calculators

How Do I Subscribe?

If your Managed Unit count is less than 1,000, you can subscribe via NetApp Sales, or self-subscribe via AWS Marketplace.

Subscribe through NetApp Sales direct

If your expected Managed Unit count is 1,000 or greater, click on the Contact Sales button to subscribe though the NetApp Sales Team.

You must provide your Cloud Insights Serial Number to your NetApp sales representative so that your paid subscription can be applied to your Cloud Insights environment. The Serial Number uniquely identifies your Cloud Insights trial environment and can be found on the Admin > Subscription page.

Self-Subscribe through AWS Marketplace

Note You must be an Account Owner or Administrator in order to apply an AWS Marketplace subscription to your existing Cloud Insights trial account. Additionally, you must have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

Clicking on the Amazon Marketplace link opens the AWS Cloud Insights subscription page, where you can complete your subscription. Note that values you entered in the calculator are not populated in the AWS subscription page; you will need to enter the total Managed Units count on this page.

After you have entered the total Managed Units count and chosen either 12-month or 36-month subscription term, click on Set Up Your Account to finish the subscription process.

Once the AWS subscription process is complete, you will be taken back to your Cloud Insights environment. Or, if the environment is no longer active (for example, you have logged out), you will be taken to the NetAPp BlueXP sign-in page. When you sign in to Cloud Insights again, your subscription will be active.

Note After clicking on Set Up Your account on the AWS Marketplace page, you must complete the AWS subscription process within one hour. If you do not complete it within one hour, you will need to click on Set Up Your Account again to complete the process.

If there is a problem and the subscription process fails to complete correctly, you will still see the "Trial Version" banner when you log into your environment. In this event, you can go to Admin > Subscription and repeat the subscription process.

View Your Subscription Status

Once your subscription is active, you can view your subscription status and Managed Unit usage from the Admin > Subscription page.

The Subscription Summary tab displays things like the following:

  • Current Edition

  • Subscription Serial Number

  • Current MU entitlement

The Usage tab shows you your current MU usage and how that usage breaks down by data collector.

MU usage by module

The History tab gives you insight into your MU usage over the past 7 to 90 days. Hovering over a column in the chart gives you a breakdown by module (i.e. Observability, Kubernetes).

MU Usage History

View your Usage Management

The Usage Management tab shows an overview of Managed Unit usage, as well as tabs breaking down Managed Unit consumption by collector or Kubernetes Cluster.

Note The Unformatted Capacity Managed Unit count reflects a sum of the total raw capacity in the environment and is rounded up to the nearest Managed Unit.
Note The sum of Managed Units may differ slightly from the Data Collectors count in the summary section. This is because Managed Unit counts are rounded up to the nearest Managed Unit. The sum of these numbers in the Data Collectors list may be slightly higher than the total Managed Units in the status section. The summary section reflects your actual Managed Unit count for your subscription.

In the event that your usage is nearing or exceeding your subscribed amount, you can reduce usage by deleting data collectors or stopping monitoring of Kubernetes Clusters. Delete an item in this list by clicking on the "three dots" menu and selecting Delete.

What Happens if I Exceed My Subscribed Usage?

Warnings are displayed when your Managed Unit usage exceeds 80%, 90%, and 100% of your total subscribed amount:

When usage exceeds:

This happens / Recommended action:


An informational banner is displayed. No action is necessary.


A warning banner is displayed. You may want to increase your subscribed Managed Unit count.


An error banner is displayed and you will have limited functionality until you do one of the following:
* Remove Data Collectors so that your Managed Unit usage is at or below your subscribed amount
* Modify your subscription to increase the subscribed Managed Unit count

Subscribe Directly and Skip the Trial

You can also subscribe to Cloud Insights directly from the AWS Marketplace, without first creating a trial environment. Once your subscription is complete and your environment is set up, you will immediately be subscribed.

Adding an Entitlement ID

If you own a valid NetApp product that is bundled with Cloud Insights, you can add that product serial number to your existing Cloud Insights subscription. For example, if you have purchased NetApp Astra Control Center, the Astra Control Center license serial number can be used to identify the subscription in Cloud Insights. Cloud Insights refers to this an Entitlement ID.

To add an entitlement ID to your Cloud Insights subscription, on the Admin > Subscription page, click +Entitlement ID.

Add an entitlement ID to your subscription