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Cloud Insights

NetApp Google Compute data collector

Contributors netapp-alavoie

This data collector supports inventory and performance collection from Google Compute cloud platform configurations. This collector will seek to discover all the Compute resources within all the Projects within one Google organization. If you have multiple Google organizations you want to discover with Cloud Insights, you will want to deploy one Cloud Insights collector per organization.


Field Description

Organization ID

The organization ID you want to discover with this collector. This field is required if your service account is able to see more than one organization

Choose 'Exclude' or 'Include' to filter GCP Projects by IDs

If you want to limit what projects' resources are brought into Cloud Insights.

Project IDs

The list of Project IDs that you want to filter in, or out from discovery, depending on the value of the "Choose 'Exclude"…​." value. The default list is empty

Client ID

Client ID for the Google Cloud Platform configuration

Copy and paste the contents of your Google Credential File here

Copy your Google credentials for the Cloud Platform account to this field

Advanced configuration

Field Description

Inventory Poll Interval (min)

Default is 60 minutes

Choose 'Exclude' or 'Include' to Apply to Filter VMs by Labels

Specify whether to include or exclude VM's by Labels when collecting data. If ‘Include’ is selected, the Label Key field can not be empty.

Label Keys and Values on which to Filter VMs

Click + Filter Label to choose which VMs (and associated disks) to include/exclude by filtering for keys and values that match keys and values of labels on the VM. Label Key is required, Label Value is optional. When Label Value is empty, the VM is filtered as long as it matches the Label Key.

Performance Poll Interval (sec)

Default is 1800 seconds


Additional information on this Data Collector may be found from the Support page or in the Data Collector Support Matrix.