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NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP data collector

Contributors netapp-alavoie

This data collector supports inventory collection from Cloud Volumes ONTAP configurations.


Field Description

NetApp Management IP Address

IP address for Cloud Volumens ONTAP

User Name

User name for Cloud Volumes ONTAP


Password for the above user

Advanced configuration

Field Description

Connection Type

HTTPS recommended. Also shows default port.

Override Communication Port

Port to use if not default.

Inventory Poll Interval (min)

Default is 60 minutes.

Inventory Concurrent Thread Count

Number of concurrent threads.

Force TLS for HTTPS

Force TLS over HTTPS

Automatically Lookup Netgroups

Automatically Lookup Netgroups

Netgroup Expansion

Select Shell or File

HTTP read timeout seconds

Default is 30 seconds

Force responses as UTF-8

Force responses as UTF-8

Performance Poll Interval (min)

Default is 900 seconds.

Performance Concurrent Thread Count

Number of concurrent threads.

Advanced Counter Data Collection

Check this to have Cloud Insights collect the advanced metrics from the list below.


Additional information on this Data Collector may be found from the Support page or in the Data Collector Support Matrix.