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SANtricity 11.5
A newer release of this product is available.

DCBX TLV statistics


When you select Data Center Bridging Exchange (DCBX) Type Length Value (TLV) Statistics, these statistics appear:

  • Local statistics — The DCBX parameters configured on the controller at the factory.

  • Operational statistics — The DCBX parameters that result from DCBX negotiations.

  • Remote statistics — The DCBX parameters from the peer device that the controller is connected to, typically a switch.

Statistic Definition

iSCSI Host Port

Indicates the location of the detected host port in Controller #, Port # format.

Flow Control Mode

The Flow Control Mode of the entire port. Valid values are Disabled, Standard, Per Priority, or Indeterminate.


The communication protocol. Valid values are FCoE, FIP, iSCSI, or UNKNOWN.


Integer value indicating the priority number of the communication.

Priority Group

Integer value representing the priority group to which the protocol has been assigned.

Priority Group % Bandwidth

Percentage value indicating the amount of bandwidth allocated to the priority group.


Priority-based Flow Control (PFC) status of the specific port. The value is either enabled or disabled.

You can find additional DCBX TLV statistics in the state capture file.