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SANtricity 11.6
A newer release of this product is available.

Configure iSER over InfiniBand ports


If your controller includes an iSER over InfiniBand port, you can configure the network connection to the host.

Before you begin
  • Your controller must include an iSER over InfiniBand port; otherwise, the iSER over InfiniBand settings are not available in System Manager.

  • You must know the IP address of the host connection.

  1. Select Hardware.

  2. If the graphic shows the drives, click Show back of shelf.

    The graphic changes to show the controllers instead of the drives.

  3. Click the controller with the iSER over InfiniBand port you want to configure.

    The controller's context menu appears.

  4. Select Configure iSER over InfiniBand ports.

    The Configure iSER over InfiniBand Ports dialog box opens.

  5. In the drop-down list, select the HIC port you want to configure, and then enter the IP address of the host.

  6. Click Configure.

  7. Complete the configuration, and then reset the iSER over InfiniBand port by clicking Yes.