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SANtricity 11.6
A newer release of this product is available.

Configure NVMe over RoCE ports


If your controller includes a connection for NVMe over RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet), you can configure the NVMe port settings from the Hardware page.

Before you begin
  • Your controller must include an NVMe over RoCE host port; otherwise, the NVMe over RoCE settings are not available in System Manager.

  • You must know the IP address of the host connection.

  1. Select Hardware.

  2. If the graphic shows the drives, click Show back of shelf.

    The graphic changes to show the controllers instead of the drives.

  3. Click the controller with the NVMe over RoCE port you want to configure.

    The controller's context menu appears.

  4. Select Configure NVMe over RoCE ports.

    The Configure NVMe over RoCE Ports dialog box opens.

  5. In the drop-down list, select the HIC port you want to configure.

  6. Click Next.

    To see all port settings, click the Show more port settings link on the right of the dialog box.

    Field Details
    Port Setting Description

    Configured ethernet port speed

    Select the speed that matches the speed capability of the SFP on the port.

    Enable IPv4 / Enable IPv6

    Select one or both options to enable support for IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

    Note If you want to disable port access, deselect both check boxes.

    MTU size (Available by clicking Show more port settings.)

    If necessary, enter a new size in bytes for the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU).

    The default Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size is 1500 bytes per frame. You must enter a value between 1500 and 9000.

    If you selected Enable IPv4, a dialog box opens for selecting IPv4 settings after you click Next. If you selected Enable IPv6, a dialog box opens for selecting IPv6 settings after you click Next. If you selected both options, the dialog box for IPv4 settings opens first, and then after you click Next, the dialog box for IPv6 settings opens.

  7. Configure the IPv4 and/or IPv6 settings, either automatically or manually.

    Field Details
    Port setting Description

    Automatically obtain configuration

    Select this option to obtain the configuration automatically.

    Manually specify static configuration

    Select this option, and then enter a static address in the fields. (If desired, you can cut and paste addresses into the fields.) For IPv4, include the network subnet mask and gateway. For IPv6, include the routable IP address and router IP address.

    If you are configuring an EF600 storage array with a 200Gb-capable HIC, this dialog box displays two sets of fields for network parameters, one for a physical port (external) and one for a virtual port (internal). You should assign unique parameters for both ports. These settings allow the host to establish a path between each port, and for the HIC to achieve maximum performance. If you do not assign an IP address to the virtual port, the HIC will run at approximately half its capable speed.

  8. Click Finish.