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SANtricity 11.6
A newer release of this product is available.

Unassign hot spares


You can change a hot spare back to an unassigned drive.

Before you begin

The hot spare must be in Optimal, Standby status.

About this task

You cannot unassign a hot spare that is currently taking over for a failed drive. If the hot spare is not in Optimal status, follow the Recovery Guru procedures to correct any problems before trying to unassign the drive.

  1. Select Hardware.

  2. If the graphic shows the controllers, click Show front of shelf.

    The graphic changes to show the drives instead of the controllers.

  3. Select the hot spare drive (displayed in pink) that you want to unassign.

    If there are diagonal lines through the pink drive bay, the hot spare is currently in use and cannot be unassigned.

    The drive's context menu opens.

  4. From the drive's drop-down list, select Unassign hot spare.

    The dialog box shows any volume groups affected by removing this hot spare and if any other hot spares are protecting them.

  5. Confirm the unassign operation.


The drive is returned to Unassigned (shown in gray).