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SANtricity 11.6
A newer release of this product is available.

What are the keyboard shortcuts?


You can navigate around System Manager using the keyboard alone.

Overall navigation

Action Keyboard shortcut

Move to the next item.


Move to the previous item.

Shift + Tab

Select an item.


Drop-down list—​Move to the next or previous item.

Down arrow or up arrow

Check box—​Select an item.


Radio buttons—​Toggle between items.

Down arrow or up arrow

Expandable text—​Expand or contract item.


Table navigation

Action Keyboard shortcut

Select a row.

Tab to select a row, then press Enter

Scroll up or down.

Down arrow/up arrow or Page Down/Page Up

Change the sort order of a column.

Tab to select a column heading, then press Enter

Calendar navigation

Action Keyboard shortcut

Move to the previous month.

Page Up

Move to the next month.

Page Down

Move to the previous year.

Control + Page Up

Move to the next year.

Control + Page Down

Open the date picker if closed.

Control + Home

Move to the current month.

Control / Command + Home

Move to the previous day.

Control / Command + Left

Move to the next day.

Control / Command + Right

Move to the previous week.

Control / Command + Up

Move to the next week.

Control / Command + Down

Select the focused date.


Close the date picker and erase the date.

Control / Command + End

Close the date picker without selection.