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SANtricity 11.6
A newer release of this product is available.

Export SAML Service Provider files


If necessary, you can export Service Provider metadata for the storage array and re-import the file(s) into the Identity Provider (IdP) system.

Before you begin
  • You must be logged in with a user profile that includes Security admin permissions. Otherwise, the Access Management functions do not appear.

  • SAML is configured and enabled.

About this task

In this task, you export metadata from the controllers (one file for each controller). The IdP needs this metadata to establish a trust relationship with the controllers and to process authentication requests. The file includes information such as the controller domain name or IP address that the IdP can use for sending requests.

  1. Select Settings  Access Management.

  2. Select the SAML tab.

  3. Select Export.

    The Export Service Provider Files dialog box opens.

  4. For each controller, click Export to save the metadata file to your local system.


    The domain name fields for each controller are read-only.

    Make a note of where the file is stored.

  5. From the local system, locate the Service Provider metadata file(s) you exported.

    There is one XML-formatted file for each controller.

  6. From the IdP server, import the Service Provider metadata file(s). You can either import the files directly or you can manually enter the controller information from them.

  7. Click Close.