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SANtricity 11.6
A newer release of this product is available.

When should I synchronize storage array clocks?


You should manually synchronize the controller clocks in the storage array if you notice that the time stamps shown in System Manager are not aligned with time stamps shown in your management client (the computer that is accessing System Manager through the browser). This task is only necessary if NTP (Network Time Protocol) is not enabled in System Manager.


We highly recommend that you use an NTP server instead of manually synchronizing the clocks. NTP automatically synchronizes the clocks with an external server using SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol).

You can check synchronization status from the Synchronize Storage Array Clocks dialog box, which is available from the System page. If the times shown in the dialog box do not match, run a synchronization. You can periodically view this dialog box, which indicates whether the controller clocks' time displays have drifted apart and are no longer synchronized.