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SANtricity 11.6
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SSD Cache restrictions

Contributors netapp-jolieg

Learn about the restrictions when using SSD Cache on your storage array.


  • Any volume assigned to use a controller's SSD Cache is not eligible for an automatic load balance transfer.

  • Currently, only one SSD Cache is supported per storage array.

  • The maximum usable SSD Cache capacity on a storage array depends on the controller's primary cache capacity.

  • SSD Cache is not supported on snapshot images.

  • SSD Cache is not available on the EF600 storage system.

  • If you import or export volumes that are SSD Cache enabled or disabled, the cached data is not imported or exported.

  • You cannot remove the last drive in an SSD Cache without first deleting the SSD Cache.

Restrictions with Drive Security

  • You can enable security on SSD Cache only when you create the SSD Cache. You cannot enable security later as you can on a volume.

  • If you mix drives that are secure-capable with drives that are not secure-capable in SSD Cache, you cannot enable Drive Security for these drives.

  • Secure-enabled volumes must have an SSD Cache that is secure enabled.