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SANtricity 11.6
A newer release of this product is available.

View and save tabular performance data


You can view and save performance graphs data in tabular format. This allows you to filter the data you want displayed.

  1. From any performance data graph, click Launch table view.

    A table appears that lists all the performance data for the selected objects.

  2. Use the object selection pull-down and the filter as needed.

  3. Click the Show/Hide Columns button to select the columns you want to include in the table.

    You can click each check box to select or deselect an item.

  4. Select Export at the bottom of the screen to save the tabular view to a file of comma-separated values (CSV).

    The Export Table dialog box appears, indicating the number of rows to be exported and the file format of the export (comma-separated values, or CSV format).

  5. Click Export to proceed with the download, or click Cancel.

    Depending on your browser settings, the file is either saved, or you are prompted to choose a name and location for the file.

    The default file name format is performanceStatistics-yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm-ss.csv, which includes the date and time when the file was exported.