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SANtricity 11.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Change shelf IDs


The shelf ID is a number that uniquely identifies a shelf in the storage array. Shelves are numbered consecutively, beginning with either 00 or 01, on the top left of each shelf view.

About this task

The controller firmware automatically assigns the shelf ID, but you can change that number if you want to create a different ordering scheme.

  1. Select Hardware.

  2. Select the drop-down list for the Controller Shelf or Drive Shelf, and then select Change ID.

  3. In the Change Shelf ID dialog box, select the drop-down list to display available numbers.

    This dialog box does not display IDs currently assigned to active shelves.

  4. Select an available number, and then click Save.

    Depending on the number you selected, the shelf order may be rearranged on the Hardware page. If desired, you can use the up/down arrows on the top right of each shelf to readjust the order.