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SANtricity 11.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Why can't I access my chosen mirroring feature?


Mirroring is configured in the Unified Manager interface.


Mirroring is not available on the EF600 or EF300 storage array.

To enable and configure mirroring between two arrays, verify the following:

  • The Web Services Proxy service must be running. (Unified Manager is installed on a host system along with the Web Services Proxy.)

  • Unified Manager must be running on your local host through an HTTPS connection.

  • The two storage arrays you want to use for mirroring must be discovered in Unified Manager.

  • Unified Manager must have valid SSL certificates for the storage arrays. You can accept a self-signed certificate or install CA-signed certificates from Unified Manager.

For configuration instructions, see the following: