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SANtricity 11.7
A newer release of this product is available.

How add-on features work


Add-ons are features that are not included in the standard configuration of System Manager and might require a key to enable. An add-on feature can be either a single premium feature or a bundled feature pack.

The following steps provide an overview for enabling a premium feature or feature pack:

  1. Obtain the following information:

    • Chassis serial number and the Feature Enable Identifier, which identify the storage array for the feature to be installed. These items are available in System Manager.

    • Feature Activation Code, which is available from the Support site when you purchase the feature.

  2. Obtain the feature key by contacting your storage provider or by accessing the Premium Feature Activation site. Provide the chassis serial number, enable identifier, and feature code for activation.

  3. Using System Manager, enable the premium feature or feature pack using the feature key file.