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SANtricity 11.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Change the settings for a host cluster


You can change the host cluster name, or add or remove hosts in a host cluster.

  1. Select Storage  Hosts.

  2. Select the host cluster you want to edit, and then click View/Edit Settings.

    A dialog box appears that shows the current host cluster settings.

  3. Change the settings for the host cluster as appropriate.

    Field details
    Setting Description


    You can specify the user-supplied name of the host cluster. Specifying a name for a cluster is required.

    Associated Hosts

    To add a host, click the Associated Hosts box, and then select a host name from the drop-down list. You cannot manually enter a host name.

    To delete a host, click the X next to the host name.

  4. Click Save.