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SANtricity 11.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Why does data display as zero in the graphs and table?


When a zero is displayed for a data point in the graphs and table, it means there is no I/O activity for the object for that point in time. This situation could occur because the host is not initiating I/O to that object, or it could be a problem with the object itself.

The historical data for the object is still available for viewing. The graphs and table will show non-zero data once I/O activity begins occurring for the object.

The following table lists the most common reasons why a data point value might be zero for any given object.

Array-level object type Reason data displays as zero


  • Volume had no host assignment.

Volume group

  • Volume group is being imported.

  • Volume group does not contain a volume that is assigned to a host, and volume group does not contain any reserved capacity.


  • Drive has failed.

  • Drive has been removed.

  • Drive is in an unknown state.


  • Controller is offline.

  • Controller has failed.

  • Controller has been removed.

  • Controller is in an unknown state.

Storage array

  • Storage array does not contain volumes.