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SANtricity 11.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Why would I want to manually configure a pool?


The following examples describe why you would want to manually configure a pool.

  • If you have multiple applications on your storage array and do not want them competing for the same drive resources, you might consider manually creating a smaller pool for one or more of the applications.

    You can assign just one or two volumes instead of assigning the workload to a large pool that has many volumes across which to distribute the data. Manually creating a separate pool that is dedicated to the workload of a specific application can allow storage array operations to perform more rapidly, with less contention.

    To manually create a pool: Select Storage, and then select Pools & Volume Groups. From the All Capacity tab, click Create  Pool.

  • If there are multiple pools of the same drive type, a message appears indicating that System Manager cannot recommend the drives for a pool automatically. However, you can manually add the drives to an existing pool.

    To manually add drives to an existing pool: From the Pools & Volume Groups page, select the pool, and then click Add Capacity.