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SANtricity 11.7
A newer release of this product is available.

Unified Manager interface overview


Unified Manager is a web-based interface that allows you to manage multiple storage arrays in a single view.

Main page

When you log in to Unified Manager, the main page opens to Manage - All. From this page, you can scroll through a list of discovered storage arrays in your network, view their status, and perform operations on a single array or on a group of arrays.

You can access Unified Manager features and functions from the navigation sidebar.

Area Description


Discover storage arrays in your network, launch SANtricity System Manager for an array, import settings from one array to multiple arrays, and manage array groups. Select the check boxes next to the array names to perform operations on them, such as importing settings and creating array groups. The ellipses at the end of each row provides an in-line menu for operations on a single array, such as renaming it.


View the progress of batch operations, such as importing settings from one array to another.


Some operations are not available when a storage array has a non-optimal status.

Certificate Management

Manage certificates to authenticate between browsers and clients.

Access Management

Establish user authentication for the Unified Manager interface.


View technical support options, resources, and contacts.

Interface settings and help

At the top right of the interface, you can access Help and other documentation. You can also access administration options, which are available from the drop-down next to your login name.

User logins and passwords

The current user logged into the system is shown in the upper right of the interface.

For further information on users and passwords, see: