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SANtricity 11.8

Deactivate asynchronous mirroring

Contributors netapp-jolieg

You can deactivate asynchronous mirroring on the local and remote storage arrays to re-establish normal use of dedicated ports on the storage arrays.

Before you begin
  • You must have deleted all mirror relationships. Verify that all mirror consistency groups and mirrored pairs have been deleted from the local and remote storage arrays.

  • The local storage array and the remote storage array must be connected through a Fibre Channel fabric or iSCSI interface.

About this task

When you deactivate asynchronous mirroring, no mirror activity can occur on the local and remote storage arrays.

  1. Select Storage  Asynchronous Mirroring.

  2. Select Uncommon Tasks  Deactivate.

    The system displays a confirmation.

  3. Select Yes to confirm.

  • The controller's HBA host channels that were dedicated for asynchronous mirroring communication can now accept host read and write requests.

  • None of the volumes in this storage array are able to participate in mirror relationships as either primary volumes or secondary volumes.