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SANtricity 11.8

Manage progress of remote storage imports

Contributors netapp-jolieg

After the import process begins, you can view and take action on its progress.

About this task

For each import operation, the Operations in Progress dialog displays a percentage of completion and estimated time remaining. Actions include changing the import priority, stopping and resuming operations, and disconnecting from the operation.

You can also view Operations in Progress from the Home page (Home  Show operations in progress).

  1. From the Remote Storage page, select View Operations.

    The Operations in Progress dialog box is displayed.

  2. If desired, use the links in the Actions column to stop and resume, change priority, or disconnect from an operation.

    • Change Priority — Select Change Priority to change the processing priority of an operation that is in progress or pending. Apply a priority to the operation and then click OK.

    • Stop — Select Stop to pause the copying of data from the remote storage device. The relationship between the import pair is still intact, and you can select Resume when you are ready to continue the import operation.

    • Resume — Select Resume to begin a stopped or failed process from where it left off. Next, apply a priority to the Resume operation, and then click OK. This operation does not restart the import from the beginning. If you want to restart the process from the beginning, you must select Disconnect, and then re-create the import through the Import Remote Storage wizard.

    • Disconnect — Select Disconnect to break the relationship between the source and destination volumes for an import operation that has stopped, completed, or failed.