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SANtricity 11.8

Event log overview

Contributors netapp-jolieg

The event log provides a historical record of events that have occurred on the storage array, which helps technical support in troubleshooting events leading up to failures.

You can use the event log as a supplementary diagnostic tool to the Recovery Guru for tracing storage array events. Always refer to the Recovery Guru first when you attempt to recover from component failures in the storage array.

Event categories

The events in the event log are categorized with different statuses. Events that you need to take action on have the following statuses:

  • Critical

  • Warning

Events that are informational and do not require any immediate action are the following:

  • Informational

Critical events

Critical events indicate a problem with the storage array. If you resolve the critical event immediately, you might prevent loss of data access.

When a critical event occurs, it is logged in the event log. All critical events are sent to the SNMP management console or to the email recipient that you have configured to receive alert notifications. If the shelf ID is not known at the time of the event, the shelf ID is listed as "Shelf unknown."

When you receive a critical event, refer to the Recovery Guru procedure for a detailed description of the critical event. Complete the Recovery Guru procedure to correct the critical event. To correct certain critical events, you might need to contact technical support.