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SANtricity 11.8

What do I need to know before creating a mirror consistency group?

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Follow these guidelines before you create a mirror consistency group.

Meet the following requirements for Unified Manager:

  • The Web Services Proxy service must be running.

  • Unified Manager must be running on your local host through an HTTPS connection.

  • Unified Manager must be showing valid SSL certificates for the storage array. You can accept a self-signed certificate or install your own security certificate using Unified Manager and navigating to Certificate  Certificate Management.

Also be sure to meet the following requirements for storage arrays:

  • The two storage arrays must be discovered in Unified Manager.

  • Each storage array must have two controllers.

  • Each controller in both the primary array and secondary array must have an Ethernet management port configured and must be connected to your network.

  • The storage arrays have a minimum firmware version of 7.84. (They can each run different OS versions.)

  • You must know the password for the local and remote storage arrays.

  • Your local and remote storage arrays are connected through a Fibre Channel fabric or iSCSI interface.


Synchronous mirroring is not available on the EF600 or EF300 storage system.