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12.5 and 12.7


Contributors netapp-pcarriga

You can use the GetNodeFipsDrivesReport method to check the FIPS 140-2 drive encryption capability status of a single node in the storage cluster. You must run this method against an individual storage node.


This method has no input parameter.

Return values

This method has the following return values:

Name Description Type


A JSON object containing the status of FIPS 140-2 feature support for this node. Possible values:

  • None: Node is not FIPS capable.

  • Partial: Node is FIPS capable but not all drives in the node are FIPS drives.

  • Ready: Node is FIPS capable and all drives in the node are FIPS drives (or no drives are present).


Request example

Requests for this method are similar to the following example:

  "method": "GetNodeFipsDrivesReport",
  "params": {},
  "id" : 1

Response example

This method returns a response similar to the following example:

    "id": 1,
    "result": {
        "fipsDrives": "None"

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