SolidFire and Element Software 12.3 Documentation

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A SolidFire all-flash storage system is comprised of hardware components such as drives and nodes that are combined into a pool of storage resources. As a single storage system, this unified cluster is managed with NetApp Element software.

Using the Element interface, API, or other management tools, you can:

  • Monitor cluster storage capacity and performance.

  • Manage storage activity across a multi-tenant infrastructure.

Deployment options

SolidFire offers different deployment options:

Get started with Element software

Manage storage

You can manage storage using the Element UI, the Element API or the NetApp Plug-in for vCenter Server.

Although you typically manage your storage with NetApp Element, NetApp Element API, and NetApp Element Plug-in for vCenter Server, you can use additional integration utilities and tools to access storage. * Additional integration tools and utilities