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Element Software
12.5 and 12.7

Product overview

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A SolidFire all-flash storage system is comprised of discrete hardware components (drive and nodes) that are combined into a single pool of storage resources. This unified cluster presents as a single storage system for use by external clients and is managed with NetApp Element software.

Using the Element interface, API, or other management tools, you can monitor SolidFire cluster storage capacity and performance, and manage storage activity across a multi-tenant infrastructure.

SolidFire features

A Solidfire system provides the following features:

  • Offers high performance storage for your large scale, private cloud infrastructure

  • Provides a flexible scale that lets you meet changing storage needs

  • Uses an API-driven storage management Element software interface

  • Guarantees performance using Quality of Service policies

  • Includes automatic load balancing across all nodes in the cluster

  • Rebalances clusters automatically when nodes are added or subtracted

SolidFire deployment

Use storage nodes provided by NetApp and integrated with NetApp Element software.