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Element Software
12.5 and 12.7

Bindings details

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

The Bindings page on the VVols tab provides binding information about each virtual volume.

The following information is displayed:

  • Host ID

    The UUID for the ESXi host that hosts virtual volumes and is known to the cluster.

  • Protocol Endpoint ID

    Protocol endpoint IDs that correspond to each node in the SolidFire cluster.

  • Protocol Endpoint in Band ID

    The SCSI NAA device ID of the protocol endpoint.

  • Protocol Endpoint Type

    The protocol endpoint type.

  • VVol Binding ID

    The binding UUID of the virtual volume.

  • VVol ID

    The universally unique identifier (UUID) of the virtual volume.

  • VVol Secondary ID

    The secondary ID of the virtual volume that is a SCSI second level LUN ID.