You can use the ListBackupTargets method to get information about all backup targets that have been created.


This method has no input parameters.

Return value

This method has the following return value:

Name Description Type


Objects returned for each backup target. Included objects:

  • attributes: List of name-value pairs in JSON object format. (JSON object)

  • backupTargetID: Unique identifier assigned to the backup target. (integer)

  • name: Name of the backup target. (string)

JSON object

Request example

Requests for this method are similar to the following example:

   "method": "ListBackupTargets",
   "params": {},
   "id": 1

Response example

This method returns a response similar to the following example:

   "id": 1,
   "result": {
     "backupTargets": [
        "attributes" : {},
        "backupTargetID" : 1,
        "name" : "mytargetbackup"

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