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Element Software
12.5 and 12.7

Run system utilities using the per-node UI

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

You can use the per-node UI for the storage node to create or delete support bundles, reset configuration settings for drives, and restart network or cluster services.

You have logged in to the per-node UI for the storage node.

  1. Click System Utilities.

  2. Click the button for the system utility that you want to run.

    • Control Power

      Reboots, power cycles, or shuts down the node.

      Important This operation causes temporary loss of networking connectivity.

      Specify the following parameters:

      • Action: Options include Restart and Halt (power off).

      • Wakeup Delay: Any additional time before the node comes back online.

    • Collect Node Logs

      Creates a support bundle under the node's /tmp/bundles directory.

      Specify the following parameters:

      • Bundle Name: Unique name for each support bundle created. If no name is provided, then "supportbundle" and the node name are used as the file name.

      • Extra Args: This parameter is fed to the sf_make_support_bundle script. This parameter should be used only at the request of NetApp Support.

      • Timeout Sec: Specify the number of seconds to wait for each individual ping response.

    • Delete Node Logs

      Deletes any current support bundles on the node that were created using Create Cluster Support Bundle or the CreateSupportBundle API method.

    • Reset Drives

      Initializes drives and removes all data currently residing on the drive. You can reuse the drive in an existing node or in an upgraded node.

      Specify the following parameter:

      • Drives: List of device names (not driveIDs) to reset.

    • Reset Network Config

      Helps resolve network configuration issues for an individual node and resets an individual node's network configuration to the factory default settings.

    • Reset Node

      Resets a node to the factory settings. All data is removed but network settings for the node are preserved during this operation. Nodes can only be reset if they are unassigned to a cluster and in Available state.

      Important All data, packages (software upgrades), configurations, and log files are deleted from the node when you use this option.
    • Restart Networking

      Restarts all networking services on a node.

      Important This operation can cause temporary loss of network connectivity.
    • Restart Services

      Restarts Element software services on a node.

      Important This operation can cause temporary node service interruption. You should perform this operation only at the direction of NetApp Support.

      Specify the following parameters:

      • Service: Service name to be restarted.

      • Action: Action to perform on the service. Options include start, stop and restart.