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Element Software
12.5 and 12.7

Create an initiator

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You can create iSCSI or Fibre Channel initiators and optionally assign them aliases.

You can also assign initator-based CHAP attributes by using an API call. To add a CHAP account name and credentials per initiator, you must use the CreateInitiator API call to remove and add CHAP access and attributes. Initiator access can be restricted to one or more VLANs by specifying one or more virtualNetworkIDs via the CreateInitiators and ModifyInitiators API calls. If no virtual networks are specified, the initiator can access all networks.

For details, see the API reference information. Manage storage with the Element API

  1. Click Management > Initiators.

  2. Click Create Initiator.

  3. Perform the steps to create a single initiator or multiple initiators:

    Option Steps

    Create a single initiator

    1. Click Create a Single Initiator.

    2. Enter the IQN or WWPN for the initiator in the IQN/WWPN field.

    3. Enter a friendly name for the initiator in the Alias field.

    4. Click Create Initiator.

    Create multiple initiators

    1. Click Bulk Create Initiators.

    2. Enter a list of IQNs or WWPNs in the text box.

    3. Click Add Initiators.

    4. Choose an initiator from the resulting list and click the corresponding Add icon in the Alias column to add an alias for the initiator.

    5. Click the check mark to confirm the new alias.

    6. Click Create Initiators.