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12.5 and 12.7

View managed object data using management information base files

Contributors netapp-pcarriga amgrissino

You can view and download the management information base (MIB) files used to define each of the managed objects. The SNMP feature supports read-only access to those objects defined in the SolidFire-StorageCluster-MIB.

The statistical data provided in the MIB shows system activity for the following:

  • Cluster statistics

  • Volume statistics

  • Volumes by account statistics

  • Node statistics

  • Other data such as reports, errors, and system events

The system also supports access to the MIB file containing the upper level access points (OIDS) to SF-Series products.

  1. Click Cluster > SNMP.

  2. Under SNMP MIBs, click the MIB file you want to download.

  3. In the resulting download window, open or save the MIB file.