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12.5 and 12.7

Drives details

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

The Drives page on the Cluster tab provides a list of the active drives in the cluster. You can filter the page by selecting from the Active, Available, Removing, Erasing, and Failed tabs.

When you first initialize a cluster, the active drives list is empty. You can add drives that are unassigned to a cluster and listed in the Available tab after a new SolidFire cluster is created.

The following elements appear in the list of active drives.

  • Drive ID

    The sequential number assigned to the drive.

  • Node ID

    The node number assigned when the node is added to the cluster.

  • Node Name

    The name of the node that houses the drive.

  • Slot

    The slot number where the drive is physically located.

  • Capacity

    The size of the drive, in GB.

  • Serial

    The serial number of the drive.

  • Wear Remaining

    The wear level indicator.

    The storage system reports the approximate amount of wear available on each solid-state drive (SSD) for writing and erasing data. A drive that has consumed 5 percent of its designed write and erase cycles reports 95 percent wear remaining. The system does not refresh drive wear information automatically; you can refresh or close and reload the page to refresh the information.

  • Type

    The type of drive. The type can be either block or metadata.