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Element Software
12.5 and 12.7

External key management API commands

Contributors netapp-pcarriga amgrissino netapp-dbagwell

List of all of the APIs available for managing and configuring EKM.

Used for establishing a trust relationship between the cluster and external customer-owned servers:

  • CreatePublicPrivateKeyPair

  • GetClientCertificateSignRequest

Used for defining the specific details of external customer-owned servers:

  • CreateKeyServerKmip

  • ModifyKeyServerKmip

  • DeleteKeyServerKmip

  • GetKeyServerKmip

  • ListKeyServersKmip

  • TestKeyServerKmip

Used for creating and maintaining key providers which manage external key servers:

  • CreateKeyProviderKmip

  • DeleteKeyProviderKmip

  • AddKeyServerToProviderKmip

  • RemoveKeyServerFromProviderKmip

  • GetKeyProviderKmip

  • ListKeyProvidersKmip

  • RekeySoftwareEncryptionAtRestMasterKey

  • TestKeyProviderKmip

For information about the API methods, see API reference information.