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12.5 and 12.7

Add MDSS drives

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

You can add a second metadata drive on a SolidFire node by converting the block drive in slot 2 to a slice drive. This is accomplished by enabling the multi-drive slice service (MDSS) feature. To enable this feature, you must contact NetApp Support.

Getting a slice drive into an available state might require replacing a failed drive with a new or spare drive. You must add the system slice drive at the same time you add the drive for slot 2. If you try to add the slot 2 slice drive alone or before you add the system slice drive, the system will generate an error.

  1. Click Cluster > Drives.

  2. Click Available to view the list of available drives.

  3. Select the slice drives to add.

  4. Click Bulk Actions.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Confirm from the Active Drives tab that the drives have been added.